Proper breathing techniques you need to know

Breathing is one of the most important techniques when it comes to running properly. Many people who are new to running often experience shortness of breath, shortness of breath and many problems related to breathing.

What role does breathing play in running?

Proper breathing helps prevent injury to the body. While running, the legs will be impacted by a force 2-3 times the body weight.

Not only that, if the foot touches the ground at the right time when you exhale, this force will be stronger due to the increased pressure, causing the foot to tire quickly and increase the risk of injury.

Wrong breathing makes you short of breath and lose strength, especially for those inexperienced or weak.

Wrong breathing makes the lungs work inefficiently, the oxygen delivered to the organs is not fast enough and the amount needed to maintain activity, making you quickly exhausted.

Therefore, practicing the correct breathing technique when jogging is the golden key to improving endurance and improving exercise performance.

Causes of difficulty breathing when running

The improper breathing technique is not only caused by you but can also be affected by many other reasons such as:

Running at high intensity when the weather is too hot causes the body temperature to rise much. At this point, you need to breathe faster to help your body cool down.
Breathing deeply when it is too cold causes a large amount of cold air to enter the lungs, causing the lungs to become irritated.
Difficulty breathing when running in high terrain because the higher you go, the thinner the air. If you participate in high-terrain runs, you should prepare well in advance.
People with asthma also have difficulty breathing when running. You should learn about special exercise programs to overcome this problem.

Proper breathing technique when jogging

To breathe properly, pay attention to breathing evenly and breathing at the right rhythm. Each person is suitable for different breathing rhythms, the most common is a 3-2 rhythm with 3 inhalations, 2 exhalations and within 5 steps there will be an exhalation – inhalation.

However, it takes time to practice to breathe properly. Start slowly, you can count 1-2-3, then inhale, then count 1-2, then exhale. Many people have claimed that 3-2 beats help them run stronger and faster.

In addition to 3-2 rhythm breathing, there are still many other breathing methods suitable for each running stage, method and adaptability of each person. You can refer to some breathing methods below:

Rhythm 3-2 (3 inhalations, 2 exhalations): Used for warm-up.
2-1 rhythm (2 inhalations, 1 exhalation): Used for fast running.
2-1-1-1 rhythm (2 inhalations, 1 exhalation, 1 inhalation, 1 exhalation): Used for sprinting.

Breathe naturally

You don’t have to force yourself to breathe according to a rigid rule, just breathe naturally so that you feel most relaxed and comfortable.

In the process of breathing, you can combine your nose and mouth to increase respiratory efficiency and optimize the amount of oxygen absorbed into the body. You can also breathe faster or deeper to increase the amount of oxygen entering your body.

In general, the best way to breathe is to breathe evenly and naturally while following your feelings. You can try the methods suggested above and figure out what works best for your body.

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