1. Cardiovascular training equipment

The New Gym invests in high standard equipment from famous Amercian and European brands. Each gym site consists plenty treadmills, ski machines, bicycles, rowing machines and climbing machines.


  1. Strength Machines

Each The New Gym Site is always equipped with more than 25 strength machines for different muscle groups – they are all imported from Amercian and European brands.

  1. Free Weights Equipments

In Free Weights Zone, there are dumbbells, barbells, weight plates, Olympic benches, barbells, deadlift floor. Training with these equipments helps to develop comprehensively both in size and power.


  1. Functional Equipments

In Functional Zone, you will easily find multi-purpose training rig, soft balls, medicine balls, olympic bars, boxing bags and kettlebells, light dumbbells. Training with these equipments helps to return misaligned movements to their original form, making everyday activities easier and safer.