Each gym site consists of approximately 2,000 squared metter of floor area, which is divided into 6 main training areas: Cardio, Strength, Free Weights, Functional Training, Studio, Stretching.


I. Cardio Zone

Cardiovascular exercises such as jogging, cycling, rowing, and climbing that increase the rate at which practitioner’s heart works. This is one of the effective methods to lose weight, and burn fat and calories.


II. Strength Zone

The Strength area helps train and develop each of your muscle groups with the cable movement. Block machines have clear information on training weights and target muscle groups.

III. Free Weights Zone

Free weights is a weight training method that does not require the intervention of block machines. The advantage of free weights is that you do not only just lift weights, but also control it. Free weights training help improving strength condition, increasing muscle size, and training balance and stability in motion. Popular advanced compound exercises such as Bench Press, Back Squat, Deadlift help activate and develop more comprehensive muscles.

IV. Functional Training Zone

This area is for practicing daily movements, improving body mobility such as walking, running, jumping, carrying. Functional training helps to return misaligned movements to their original form, making everyday activities easier and safer.

V. Studio for Group Classes

At The New Gym all classes are free (Yoga, New Pump, New Combat, Zumba, Sexy Dance, New Dance). In these classes, highly qualified instructors will push your limit and give you tips to help you exercise in proper form.

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