5 simple and easy weight loss salad recipes

Not only helps you get in shape, weight loss salads also bring a delicious feeling to your diet.

Most vegetable salads are high in nutrients while providing very few calories. Reducing the number of calories your body consumes in each meal will help you lose weight safely and effectively.
1. How to make Vegetable Salad with Mayonnaise
This weight loss salad is quite familiar and very easy to make, not fussy but highly effective.

Time taken: 15 minutes
Your favorite boiled vegetables. For example, you can refer to: carrots, peas, green beans, corn (maize), potatoes, …
Wash all the vegetables and chop them finely
Boil the above vegetables, take them out and put them in a large bowl, let cool
Add enough mayonnaise, then mix well and enjoy.
2. How to make weight loss salad with eggs
Weight loss salad from fresh vegetables, plus the greasy taste of eggs will help reduce cravings and control weight effectively.

Time taken: 15 minutes
Vegetables: lettuce, tomato, onion, cucumber
Seasoning: salt, pepper, vinegar, sugar, chili, garlic
2 chicken eggs
Wash the vegetables, drain and cut them into bite-sized pieces.
Chili peppers, seeded and chopped.
Peeled garlic, minced.
Put vinegar, sugar, and salt in a small bowl, stir until dissolved.
Put all ingredients in a large bowl, mix well the vinegar mixture for about 10-15 minutes.
Hard-boiled eggs, peeled and cut into pieces, mixed with salad.
Add some pepper and enjoy.
3. How to make weight loss salad with chicken breast
Chicken breast is a popular dish in weight loss menus, in which chicken breast salad is the most popular dish.
Both help ensure energy for the body, and do not affect weight.

Time taken: 60 minutes
Vegetables: carrots, cucumbers, corn, purple cabbage, peppers, oranges.
Chicken breast: 150g
Clean chicken breasts, drain.
Put in a bowl and mix with a little seasoning, marinate for about 30 minutes for the chicken to absorb evenly.
Sauté chicken breast until both sides are evenly cooked.
Wash vegetables and cut into bite-sized pieces.
Squeeze out the juice, separate the cloves, and put them in a pan to heat until thickened.
Add a little sugar to reduce the sour taste, mix well with the prepared ingredients.
Mix well with your hands for the seasoning to penetrate evenly and enjoy.
4. Shrimp salad, olive oil and avocado
The combination of shrimp, olive oil and butter gives a strange taste, characterized by richness.

Time taken: 45 minutes
2 avocados
6-8 shrimps
Mixture of salt and spices with herb flavor (or regular salt + basil leaves)
1 tablespoon olive oil
Halve avocado, remove seeds. Cut out the meat, cut into bite-sized pieces, you can keep the peel for salad.
Shrimp wash, remove black veins, boiled or steamed.
Peel the shrimp, cut into small pieces.
Mix shrimp with avocado meat, olive oil, herb-flavored seasoning salt (can be mixed with basil leaves).
Place on a plate or avocado peel.
5. Weight loss salad with corn/corn
Your daily meal will become delicious and refreshing with corn salad.
The dish contains a lot of fiber and low sugar, which is very suitable for people who are in the period of weight loss.

Time taken: 15 minutes
Vegetables: Peas, onions, sweet corn, tomatoes, lemons
Spices: Seasoning seeds, pepper, olive oil
Pre-processed peas, boiled until cooked, then drained and sliced ​​onions and then mixed in a large bowl.
Add the boiled sweet corn, separate the seeds.
Salad dressing includes: Tomato puree, seasoning seeds, pepper, olive oil and fresh lemon juice mixed well.
Then drizzle over the bowl containing the mixture of corn, peas and onions to enjoy.


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