5 symptoms of dehydration
More than just feeling thirsty, dehydration can also have more serious signs. A study by the European Journal of Sports Science found that 91% of professional basketball, volleyball, handball and soccer players who started training were dehydrated. We don’t even realize how dehydrated our bodies are, and this article will show the signs of dehydration […]
9 habits that slow down metabolism and lead to weight gain
To lose weight effectively, you need to follow a healthy lifestyle and pay attention to avoid the mistakes below. In fact, letting your body burn calories on its own is also a very effective way as long as you have a routine that promotes it. Every little cell in the body plays a role in […]
Proper breathing techniques you need to know
Breathing is one of the most important techniques when it comes to running properly. Many people who are new to running often experience shortness of breath, shortness of breath and many problems related to breathing. What role does breathing play in running? Proper breathing helps prevent injury to the body. While running, the legs will […]